Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PURL SOHO Orange County

This is A Little Find
PurlSoho is a landmark shop in New York City for specialty yarns and threads and fabrics  -including Liberty of London and hard to find Japanese fabrics -  along with findings, and books – lo and behold, their warehouse is in Tustin, CA and it is open to the public 4 days per week, during selected hours.
I found this charming book there, Little Birds, compiled by Susanne Woods, just after it was published.
The people working there are busy fulfilling orders to ship, but are kind and helpful and gracious in allowing browsing to take place right around them.  It is a real warehouse – no frills – but amazing products to see – a room devoted to yarns and books,

and another for findings and fabrics – including rolls of oilcloth. 
The special treat is a vast array of Liberty of London to choose from.  They will stop and cut yardage for you as well as answer your questions.

When you arrive at the address, you are still not sure that you are where you belong.  No sign.  No indication of what lies inside the door.  But once you step inside it is clearly a very special showcase of beautiful materials and extras.
Be sure to take the street address as well as suite number when you go.  You will enter the complex off of Valencia Street.
Closed to the public on Mondays.
15431 Red Hill Avenue,  Suite D,  Tustin
Come back often…Bonnie
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  1. i thought of going there today, but not in the cards. I want to start knitting again and looking for a great inspiritual pattern and I bet they have those Japanese knitting mags. Will get there soon and thanks for the reminder on the address.

    your blog is fun - good job