Monday, January 17, 2011

BeachFire San Clemente

This is a Grab Your Keys Field Trip
I am so grateful to the friend who invited me to this amazing place.  The owner is a plein air painter and supporter of artists and musicians - who opened a restaurant that would be a showcase for both excellent food and wonderful, local artisans.
When you first step in, you are walking on a long, vibrant, organic, meandering path of large and colorful mosaic tiles. 
As you continue inside, the tables each have a different color glass pendant light - just above the table top.  The walls are covered from top to bottom with original, framed, for-sale paintings.  Hundreds of them.  With approachable prices.  And a constantly changing collection as new ones replace sold ones.  As you continue through the restaurant, you find another room – a real gallery – for more art enjoyment.  The website has an opportunity for interested artists to showcase their work. 

The - food – is – wonderful.  A classic Seafood, Steak, and Chicken menu – but the one to order is the Pork Chop.  They are famous for this – and it is amazing.  

Each evening offers local musicians rounding out the entertainment experience for a very special occasion. 
I love this place.
204 Avenida del Mar,  San Clemente
Come back often…Bonnie
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  1. A new place to try in San Clemente - great. Next month!